Quick guide to security cameras options (UK)

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Over the last few years there’s been a rapid increase in innovation and drop in price around security camera options, meaning that it’s as cheap as ever to keep an eye on your property - whether it’s your home or business.  Here’s our guide to the 3 different options available:
  • Wifi Security Camera
  • Smart Doorbell
  • CCTV system

Wifi Security Camera

Wifi security cameras are the cheapest and easiest way to keep an eye on your property.  Most wifi security cameras are plug-in-and-play and connect directly to an app, meaning that you can get your security camera set up and running in a matter of minutes - and can easily view your property remotely using your mobile phone.
Key features of wifi security cameras include:
  • Remote app viewing - so you can view your property remotely
  • 2 way audio communication - meaning you can talk
  • Record function (video / photo)
  • Night vision
We’d recommend the PencilCam, which is a robust and low-cost wifi security camera - costing from £69 per camera.

Smart door bells

If you’re wanting to keep an eye on people snooping around your property, then a smart door bell (i.e. a door bell with a wifi camera integrated into it) is a good option - as it means that you can easily see who’s at your front door, and also remotely let them in (if you attach the remote open function).
Key features of Smart Door bells include:
  • Remote app viewing - so you can see who’s at your door
  • 2 way audio - so you can talk to them
  • Remote door opening - the ability to open your door remotely (if you wish to let in a Amazon delivery driver for example)
The DoorVu is a great value smart door bell, with all the features listed above - all packaged together in a smart design - and selling for £99 (£60 less than its competitors)

CCTV systems

If you’re looking for a professional-grade system, then installing a full CCTV system will give you the best (and most robust) visual security possible.  The only downside to CCTV systems is that they’re relatively expensive (starting at around £750), and need to be professionally installed - as they’re relatively complex bits of kit.
Most CCTV systems have 3 main parts to them:
  • CCTV cameras - these are generally wired and can be external (water-proof) or internal
  • DVR -  the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is essentially a big hard-drive where video footage is recorded to (24/7)
  • App - the app directly connects to the DVR meaning you can watch your property remotely (via your phone / computer)
AMCO Security install professional-grade CCTV systems, so give them a call if you’re interested: 0800 13 03 999 or visit the AMCO website

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