A little bit about us

UK Alarm battery specialists

SmartSecurity.Store was set-up to provide replacement batteries and spares for old alarm systems - along with support services.

We provide batteries for all types of old alarm system, including Texecom, Honeywell, Scantronic, Pyronix, Risco and Visonic.

The online store is aimed at your every-day person on the street wanting to fix their own alarm system, and the sister site to  SmartSecurity.Guide and SmartSecurity.Support - our network of alarm support services.

Support + advice

At the core of the SmartSecurity.Store model is 'support + advice' - which is powered by our tame in-house geek 'Marian'.

Using Marian's years of experience as an alarm & CCTV engineer, we can give you the best remote support and advice possible - making sure we can help support you / fix any problems you may have.

So you can quite literally Ask Marian Anything (AMA) and he'll help you ;-)

If you want a one-on-one with Marian (or the rest of the team) email us at team@smartsecurity.store or call us on 01347 823222.

Ask Marian Anything (AMA)

The Team

The team behind SmartSecurity.Store have mix of technology and security experience . . .

SmartSecurity team

SmartSecurity is part of AMCO Security - the UK's leading independent security services company.

Be Smart, buy from us ;-)