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Dash cams are getting ever more sophisticated.  Here’s a quick guide to the x5 things to consider when buying a dash cam, and also a special offer on the DashVu 2 (on special offer for £89 - available now) . . .

Video Quality & recording time

Today, most dash cam’s video quality is pretty good.  Most standard dash cams work in HD along the lines of 1080p.  In most cases, 1080p as a base is good enough quality, as long as the quality of the camera is good.
There’s always a trade off when it comes to image quality linked to storage capacity - the simple point being that the the better quality the image, the more memory space it takes up.  Our recommendation would be to go for a dash cam with 1080p and a 8gb as a good base option.

1 camera vs 2 camera

The basic choice when it comes to number of cameras is whether you want a front-facing camera only, or whether you want both front and rear-facing cameras.
From a practical perspective most people go for a single 1 camera system, as the wiring for 2 camera systems gets onerous / messy - as most people don’t want wires trailing all over their cars.

Crash detection (G Sensor)

The standard crash detection technology that dash cams use is called ‘G Sensor’.  G Sensor is another word for an ‘accelerometer’ and works by detecting any sudden change in direction  - meaning that any sharp breaking will be detected.  Dash cams use the G Sensor to identify a ‘crash scenario’ and will either automatically save video footage or highlight it in the recording timeline (so it can easily be found).

GPS & Wifi

GPS functionality is used to in dash cams to identify speed and location.  This is useful in the case of an incident, as it gives you additional data points
Wifi functionality lets you use your phone to access your dash cam footage - which is useful in the case of wanting watch back / download footage easily.

Other features

  • Size: dash cams come in a lots of different shapes and sizes.  As a basic rule, I’d make sure you pick one that isn’t too large but also has a screen large enough to view footage back on easily (e.g. 2.5" size upwards).
  • Mounting format: the two most common ways to fix a dash cam is ‘via a suction cup’ or ‘via an adhesive mount’.
  • Parking mode: some more expensive cameras have a mode that records footage when you’re parked - via a mix of motion detection and battery back-up.

Our recommendation

For a mix of build quality, features and value we’d recommend the DashVu 2, which includes:
  • 1080p HD picture quality with 2.5" quality screen
  • G Sensor (for crash / incident detection)
  • GPS & Wifi
  • Adhesive mount (and adjustable lens)
  • £99 (available here for £89)
If you’re looking for a cheaper camera, you could opt for the DashVu 1 - this is lower spec (it doesn’t include GPS & Wifi, and has a lower picture quality) but is also lower priced, available for £59.

DashVu 1

Low-cost but good quality dash cam with 1080p HD quality recording, 3 inch screen & G-sensor.  Buy from us for £59 (comparative product available at £69).  Buy now for £59 >>
DashVu 1

DashVu 2

High-spec high-quality dash cam with GPS & wifi, G-Sensor, adhesive mount fitting (and adaptable lens), high-quality 1080p HD image.  Buy now from us for £89 (comparative product retails at £99).

DashVu 2

Limited stock available at these prices, so buy now to get these great deals ;-)

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