5 security ideas for under £100

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Here’s our guide to the best security equipment for your home or business on a budget of £100 or less, covering:

  • Wifi Security cameras
  • Smart Doorbells
  • Locks & safes

1) Wifi security cameras - from £69

Wifi security cameras are the cheapest and easiest way to keep an eye on your property.  Most wifi security cameras are plug-in-and-play and connect directly to an app, meaning that you can get your security camera set up and running in a matter of minutes - and can easily view your property remotely using your mobile phone.

We’d recommend the PencilCam, which is a robust and low-cost wifi security camera - costing from £69 per camera.  Get more details here >>

Pencil Camera

2) Smart DoorBells - from £99

If you’re wanting to keep an eye on people snooping around your property, then a smart door bell (i.e. a door bell with a wifi camera integrated into it) is a good option - as it means that you can easily see who’s at your front door, and also remotely let them in (if you attach the remote open function).
The DoorVu is a great value smart door bell, with all the features listed above - all packaged together in a smart design - and selling for £99 (£60 less than its competitors)  Get more details >>

3) Electronic safe - from £45

For those really precious possessions you don’t want to go missing / walk out of the house, we’d recommend installing an Electronic safe - providing somewhere to stash your valuables.  

The key decision is to choose the size of safe, and also where you’re going to install it / hide it.  We’d suggest a small or mid-sized safe (with electronic entry as well as key over-ride), and installing it under your stairs / cellar / bottom of a cupboard.

Buy a small safe here (£45.99) or a mid-sized safe here (£59.99).  Other alternatives are a ‘document safe’ (fire / water-proof) available for £54.99 here.

Small electronic safe

4) Secure your outside equipment - from c.£30

Outdoor equipment (like bikes, lawn-mowers & the like) is increasingly targeted by thieves - as they’re easy to lift when no-ones looking.  Make it more difficult by securing your outdoor kit with a mix of security anchors, cable and locks.  Check out a selection of outdoor security equipment here >>

5) Lock stuff with a quality lock - from £4.50

It’s amazing how useful a good lock is.  There’s a tonne of different options when it comes to locks - we’d recommend either a multi-purpose brass padlock (£4.49) or outdoor weather resistant lock (£7.99).  See a selection of locks here >>


The best security option (outside of £100)

And if you’re looking to go the whole hog and install the best / most secure security system around then you should install a monitored alarm from AMCO with their LiveTalk monitoring system. Yes it costs more than £100, but it’s definitely worth it . . .

LiveTalk monitoring

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