4 ways to stop burglars stealing your car keys

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Burglars targeting houses to steal car keys (and the cars parked outside) is on the increase.  Here’s our quick guide to 4 different ways to key your car keys safe . . .

Small house safe

Buying a small house safe, and installing it under the stairs or at the bottom of your coat cupboard is a simple way to protect your car keys.  Simply throw your car keys in the safe every time you come home, rather than leaving them on top of the hall table.

Key cabinet

Installing a key cabinet is another option, providing an ordered space to keep other keys too.  Key cabinets tend to be slightly less robust than proper house safes, but on the flip side are specifically designed to keep keys safe.

Key safe

Key safes are designed to keep a select few keys in, and generally are positioned outside of the house (so you can access the keys from outside the house.

Safe can

The cheapest option for hiding your car keys is the ’Safe can’ - which is a baked bean can like box which you can hide keys (and cash) in, and stash in your kitchen cupboard next to your other cans of beans.
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