Texecom alarm battery replacement

Texecom alarm Battery replacement service - battery + support

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This is our ‘remote' battery change service, providing you with a new Texecom alarm battery & up to 20 mins of telephone support to enable you to change your Texecom (Veritas or Premier) alarm battery with confidence (and not costing you the earth!).

This telephone support option means you have a trained engineer with you (via the telephone or video phone / Skype) to:
  • Identify which size of the battery (2.1, 3.2 or 7ah) you have in your alarm panel
  • Make sure you have all the right equipment to open your panel/change battery
  • Open panel (with the right codes/expectations of what to do/expect)
  • Change battery (whilst minimising the risk of creating a fault on your alarm by knocking a wire)
  • Close the panel and reset
N.B. The battery is included in this service and will be sent to you prior to the telephone support call.

Support is provided by one of the fully trained engineers, with great experience in Texecom alarm equipment - and thousands of Veritas and Premier battery changes between them.

This is an 'appointment-based service', and once you've paid we'll arrange a mutually suitable time to run through your technical questions and get you sorted!  Appointment times are booked from 9 am to 5 pm during weekdays.


You’re most likely to get either Stan or Marian to help you - both are experienced in Texecom battery changes and problem-solving.

The Texecom replacement alarm batteries we use (which we’ll send you by post beforehand) are from the best alarm manufacturer.   For the Veritas alarm we’ll send you a 2.1ah, 3.4ah or 7ah battery and for the Premier alarm, we’ll send you a 7ah 12V battery (all fully tested/checked).

If you’re not confident enough to do the battery change with telephone support, we also offer an alternative ‘engineer visit service’ which means we send a trained engineer to change the battery for you.  This is more expensive, costing £109 rather than £39. (N.B. in both cases, these costs *include* the cost of the replacement battery).  You can buy the ‘engineer visit service’ here >>

Purchase the cheaper Telephone Support battery replacement service by clicking on the ‘Add to Cart’ button below, and then paying at the Check Out.

We look forward to helping fix your alarm ;-)