AccessVu - video door entry system kit, with door intercom and colour screen

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AccessVu is a high quality 2-wire video door-entry system comprising two component parts:

  • Door intercom (surface or flush-mounted)
  • Video monitor (handsfree with remote door release functionality)

AccessVu brings together elegant design, high-quality robust finish with the latest technologies in access control.  The AccessVu range offers excellent video and audio quality, and comes in kit form - combining door station and video monitors, with the ability to connect up to x4 colour video screens.

AccessVu is designed to last an age, with timeless design making it a perfect part of your front-door furniture . . .

Quality design and build

The AccessVu kits include two components, both of which are designed and built to the highest quality - manufactured by SuperVu.

Door entry system - AccessVu

High-spec features

AccessVu has all the features of similar high-end door entry systems . . .

Video door entry specifications

Quality build & feature-set

Door intercom unit

Door entry intercom unit AccessVu

Video monitor

AccessVu door entry screen

Industry standards & specifications

AccessVu doesn’t just look good, it’s also choc-ful of industry-leading standards and specifications.

AccessVu Door Station features include:

  • Silver, Aluminium alloy, body (robust / weatherproof build)
  • Surface or flush-mounting options
  • Rain-cover, IP55 rated
  • RFID optional
  • Upto x4 screens per door station unit
  • Surface mounted-size: 110x158x57mm
  • Flush-mounted size: 122x182x41mm
  • 2-wire 

AccessVu Video monitor features include:

  • 7” colour screen
  • White colour (only)
  • Talk, listen and unlock (remote electric lock) feature
  • Contrast, brightness and volume adjustment
  • Unit size: 215x136x16mm
  • 2-wire

Surface or flush-mounted

AccessVu's door intercom comes in 2 versions, either surface-mounted or flush-mounted.

Flush-mounted door entry system

Extra monitors available 

Outside of the AccessVu kits, the AccessVu monitors are available as individual units (so you can scale your existing system with more monitors).