AccessVu & Yale Lock Release Kit - video door entry system kit, with intercom, colour screen & Yale Lock Release

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This AccessVu & Yale door release kit comprises 3 main pieces of equipment - providing a video door entry system and remote door unlocking system.  The kit includes:

  • Door intercom (surface or flush-mounted)
  • Video monitor (handsfree with remote door release functionality)
  • Yale Lock release mechanism (remote Yale door release lock, based remote Yale lock mechanism)

AccessVu brings together elegant design, high-quality robust finish with the latest technologies in access control.  The AccessVu range offers excellent video and audio quality, and comes in kit form - combining door station and video monitors, with the ability to connect up to x4 colour video screens.

AccessVu is designed to last an age, with timeless design making it a perfect part of your front-door furniture . . .

Quality design and build

The AccessVu kits include two components, both of which are designed and built to the highest quality - manufactured by SuperVu.

Door entry system - AccessVu

High-spec features

AccessVu has all the features of similar high-end door entry systems . . .

Video door entry specifications

Quality build & feature-set

Door intercom unit

Door entry intercom unit AccessVu

Video monitor

AccessVu door entry screen

Industry standards & specifications

AccessVu doesn’t just look good, it’s also choc-ful of industry-leading standards and specifications.

AccessVu Door Station features include:

  • Silver, Aluminium alloy, body (robust / weatherproof build)
  • Surface or flush-mounting options
  • Rain-cover, IP55 rated
  • RFID optional
  • Upto x4 screens per door station unit
  • Surface mounted-size: 110x158x57mm
  • Flush-mounted size: 122x182x41mm
  • 2-wire 

AccessVu Video monitor features include:

  • 7” colour screen
  • White colour (only)
  • Talk, listen and unlock (remote electric lock) feature
  • Contrast, brightness and volume adjustment
  • Unit size: 215x136x16mm
  • 2-wire

Surface or flush-mounted

AccessVu's door intercom comes in 2 versions, either surface-mounted or flush-mounted.

Flush-mounted door entry system

Extra monitors available 

Outside of the AccessVu kits, the AccessVu monitors are available as individual units (so you can scale your existing system with more monitors).

Yale door release

Connecting a Yale door release lock to your AccessVu door entry system will allow you to remotely open (unlock) your door.

Door entry system with Yale door release

The Yale door release mechanism is 'Fail Secure' i.e. when power fails, the lock remains locked, and is wired to the AccessVu system, providing remote door release (from the video screen).

Easy to install instructions

Adding a Yale Door release to the AccessVu system is easy to set-up and install, requiring the need to follow a series of simple wiring diagrams.

N.B. This kit does NOT include the Yale lock itself - you need to buy this separately.